Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey everyone! AKC is having a 50% off SALE! Why? Because I'm trying to raise money to go to the AIDS Task Force of Northern Indiana. They're having a Walk/Ride to raise money on May 1st and I'm hoping to raise enough money to sponsor at least 2 walkers and/or riders.
The mission of the AIDS Task Force in Northeast Indiana is to help improve the quality of life for men, women, and children with HIV and AIDS, to educate the community in order to decrease the incidence of HIV and STD infection and to increase the public's understanding of and compassionate response to HIV and AIDS. They are also the central hub for Northeast Indiana for donations to find a cure.

It's a great cause. So, please stop by my stores in world to help out. If you don't feel like buying anything, I've left out a couple donation boxes too. :) Unfortunately, I can't extend this sale to XStreetSL. The logistics of changing all the prices and then back afterwards are just staggering. :P But, ALL...yes ALL the money I make in this two weeks will be given to the Northeastern Indiana AIDS Task Force. So, even the money I still make on XStreet will go there.

So, stop by the store. Hope to see you there. There are two locations in world. The first is on Dryad. The other is an outlet store at Tainted Boys Club and Mall on Saint Tib. Thanks again everyone for you support!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Location...New Look

Well, AKC finally out grew it's last location. It was time to pack up and move. With the move comes a new look and a new feel to AKC! We are now on Dryad. Come by and see us there!
I've added some new items or updated items from the move. And, of course, there will be more.
Firstly, I have the Blue Fold Sweater. I put this in the 12 Days of Christmas vendor in December but now it's up for sale if you missed it. It has a sculpted collar and sleeves for a highly detailed look.
I've had this on my Midnight Mania Board at Saint Tib, but now they're up for sale. These Poet shirts have two styles. One is sheer for a see through look. This is a pic of the Fat Pack, but they are all sold individually by color at the store or on XStreetSL.
I've updated my white jeans. I just think these look better. :) They are just a bit lower rise and come with a prim buckle. Adds some more dimension to the style, I think.
So, stop by the new store and look around. As always, I have a lucky chair in there, and a couple freebies for you. Come take a look at the changes. Feedback is always appreciated and considered. :) Let me know what you think and if you would like to see anything up for sale, just let me know! TTFN!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I've put up a 12 Days of Christmas Calendar at the main shop. Come stop by and see the Christmas decorations, Stay and skate awhile, have some fun, and grab your daily gift up to and including Christmas Day! Click here for the SLurl!
Also, on Friday around 5pm SL time, AKC is going to host a Christmas party at the main store. Skating, fun and fellowship and a party exclusive gift! Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Christmas time has come to AKC! The main shop is decorated for the holidays! Come check it out! I've added an ice rink just outside the shop for fun or romantic times! Don't have skates? Don't worry! I have a FREE vendor full of skates for male and female. You can also get a cool Santa hat out of the vendor. It's located on the outside wall of the rink closest to the store.
On the other side of the rink is a cute little sitting area set up for your enjoyment. A couple benches there let you sit in comfort and just enjoy the atmosphere. A snowman sculpture provided by Teleny Macarthur will warm your heart in the chilly weather. A family of Emperor Penguins dance around him in joyful celebration.
Be on the lookout for lots of Christmas goodies to be sent out this month from AKC. If you're not on the Subscribe-o-matic group board, be sure you go to the main store and get on it so you can be part of the fun! Take care and TTFN!

Been Awhile...

But, I've still been busy at work getting some cool stuff up in the vendors! A lot of this stuff has been in the Midnight Mania Board at my outlet store at Tainted Boys. You should go check it out and get your free stuff today!
Only for a couple days more, I put these Large Neko Feet and Leg Warmers in the Midnight Mania Board. Only 30 people need to touch the sign for them to be sent out! They're mod/copy/no trans in the board, but you can buy them for mod/no copy/trans perms. They're really cool and highly detailed. Imagine having your own leg-warmers that you can re-texture!
Also made these Half-Sleeve Poet Shirts. They come in 6 colors, and 2 different styles! Each color has a solid and sheer fabric version! These also are mod/no copy/trans, so you can use the white or other colors to make your own! These are very cool for anyone, but especially if you're into Gorean or Medieval gear!
Some Black Laced cuffs here. The strings are sculpty, so they look very realistic. Easy to size being modifiable. They look great with a lot of different outfits, especially Neko. :) here's some REALLY low rise leather short shorts! :) They are laced on the sides and even have sculpted ties on the sides! Very detailed, and realistic looking. Not to mention really sexy. :)
More to come. I promise to be better about updating here. Keep coming back to see the new updates! TTFN!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A "Quicky" ;)

Just a quick update. I updated the cutoffs. I was never really happy with the other ones. They just weren't "sexy" enough for me. :) Plus the frayed edges didn't quite look the way I thought they should have.
Anyway, so here they are...and in more colors! I DID take away the open fly versions. I AM planning on making them again. But, I want to make a sculpty prim version so they don't look so goofy plastered to the avatar. :)
Oh. Also...for this week they're in my Midnight Mania Board at Tainted Boys. Don't have the SLurl for it atm..but will add it later. :) TTFN!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A REALLY quick update...

Just a really quick update here. This Ascot, I've been kind of dinking around with for a couple months. Was able to finally get it to do what I wanted it to. It's completely menu driven for texture changes to 11 different textures. Also, I kept it modifiable, so you can basically make it any base color you want...add your own textures...size it...whatever. So, I finally got it up in the vendor today. Enjoy and TTFN!